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Retired Jamaican Sprinter Opens Medical Cannabis Dispensary



Former Olympic sprinter Michael Frater has opened his own medical cannabis dispensary. Frater said a personal injury led him to opening 4/20 Sports Therapeutic Bliss in Kingston, Jamaica.

Frater represented Jamaica for over a decade and was a part of the 2012 London Olympics team that set the world record in the 4 x 100 meter relay. However, knee problems over the past five years have caused him to retire. Frater said he tried cannabis oil to treat his bad knee and felt the difference within a month.

“I started studying a lot about it and realized that a drug that has been taboo for most of my life is really a miracle drug. It’s really a drug that once taken properly with the proper prescription, the medicinal purposes are exponential,” Frater said.

A previous study found a link between cannabis athletes using cannabis as a means of recovery or treat pain. The study found a combination of THC and CBD was the most beneficial in providing well-being and calming factors in athletes, as opposed to just CBD on its own.

Jamaica’s Minister of Sports, Olivia Grange, attended the opening ceremony and helped cut the ribbon. Also in attendance were Jamaica Olympic Association President Christopher Samuda and former teammate Asafa Powell. Grange also urged other Jamaican athletes to get involved with business in Jamaica.

“What is important about what you are doing is that you are not just an athlete who at the end of your active career, sit down, fold your arms and wait for something to happen, you have set an excellent example for others to follow,” Grange said. “I always knew that you were special. There was a group of you during your era of active running that I considered special athletes.”

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