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Oregon Lab Offers to Test Vape Products for Purity




A food, environmental and cannabis testing lab in Oregon offered to test for the presence of vitamin E acetate in cannabis products as a service to the general public.

According to Willamette Week, Pixis Labs has come up with a method of looking for specifically for Vitamin E in cannabis products. The test was developed to help out their clients and others in the industry due to the recent increase in illnesses connected to vaping products. “Anyone who’s . . . not even just generating cartridges and oils, anybody who’s ancillary in this service line is interested in having this as an additional test for their product,” said Derrick Tanner, a spokesman for Pixis Labs. “Everyone’s concerned about it right now.”

Pixis Labs opened its testing service on Sept. 16 to the public. Prior to this date, the company had already performed tests to be certain of the validity of this procedure. Pixis Labs did not verify that vitamin E acetate was found in the samples during preliminary testing.

Tanner also pointed out that while in many cases, cannabis producers themselves are likely not at fault. He noted that they must be careful about who they are working with to make sure that no additives are included later. Cutting agents and other additives can be extremely harmful if not carefully monitored. “Any time you have a commodity that’s highly valued, and there’s a way to increase your profits one way or another, there’s going to be certain people who may take advantage of that and try to [stretch their commodity] out,” he added.

A new era for vape regulations is beginning. Many are moving toward banning flavored e-cigarettes and the discovery of vitamin E acetate in cannabis vapes has raised a lot of new alarms. More legislation will lead to a healthier, more functioning industry in the future.