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Company Develops Odorless Cannabis




A company based out of Brampton, Ontario, Canada is on the brink of releasing its newly developed odorless cannabis, according to a Sept. 10 press release.

Residents that live next door to cannabis operations frequently complain of the odor, which can range anywhere from a pungent skunky odor to a sharp pine-like odor. In addition, renters say they detect cannabis odor more often than tobacco odor. Many community members find cannabis odor offensive, and would rather not smell it.

But one company has a solution to the odor factor of cannabis. CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. is unveiling Purecann, its near-odorless line of cannabis. According to the company—“this is an industry first.”

Much of the smell of cannabis comes from the act of combustion, but terpenes and compounds in the plant emanate various odors and make the odors persist. “Cannabis by its nature when burnt, typically causes coughing and is very heavy when inhaled, which is especially true for new users.” stated Mark Novak, Cannabco’s COO. “The technology when deployed eliminates much of the harshness of smoking cannabis in its dry form allowing the process of using cannabis far more tolerable while retaining the essential properties.”

Purecann will be virtually undetectable while dry, with greatly reduced odor during combustion, plus reduced harshness and residual heavy feelings after smoking. The company remains fairly tight-lipped about how the technology works, but it will have exclusive rights to deploy the technology  in Canada.

“Over the last two years we’ve observed product being processed with the system and we were given the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions for the refinement of the process. We have been incredibly pleased with the results,” added Novak.  “In using this technology CannabCo will be able to produce a wide variety of products currently not in the marketplace, addressing a key market segment that currently does not exist.” 

CannabCo CEO Mark Pellicane told Vice that the moment he witnessed the technology, he “saw dollar signs.” With so many consumers complaining about the telltale odor of cannabis, there is an enormous market potential. Purecann will be released soon, pending the Confirmation of Readiness notification from Health Canada for the company’s pending cannabis license.