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Natural Herbal Pain Relief



Natural Herbal Pain Relief

2121 S. 10th St., San Jose

(408) 283-9333


Top-Selling Strain

Jack Herer Trainwreck

Top-Selling Concentrate

Dip N Dabs

Top-Selling Edible

Kushy Punch


How and when did your dispensary start up?

Our dispensary started up in the year 2009, when we first realized the benefits of cannabis.


What’s the story behind the name of your dispensary?

The story behind the name of our dispensary comes from the director who thought of the name that popped into his head first; Natural Herbal Pain Relief was the first and only name we stuck to.


What does your dispensary offer customers that they can’t find anywhere else?

Our dispensary offers the highest and best quality medicine for every patient that walks in. We have the most knowledgeable staff that can provide answers to any questions needed. We offer the widest range of CBD products. We aren’t just about high THC here, we focus on all variety of cannabinoids in every form.


How has the cannabis industry changed since you have been in the business? Where would you like to see it go?

The cannabis industry has changed drastically in the past few years. Constantly changing regulations makes it harder for dispensaries to keep up. With how popular the cannabis industry has become, the demand for clean and safe products has increased. I would like to see the cannabis industry have more people be involved with learning the benefits of marijuana. Such as learning different cannabinoids and terpenes and how to properly use each one for specific purposes.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this industry as a dispensary? . . .  Biggest joys?

The biggest challenges I face in the industry as a dispensary are the constant changes to regulations.

The biggest joys of being in the industry as a dispensary would be the patients and meeting like-minded people. The joy of learning new things about cannabis and the opportunity in sharing that information with our patients makes it worthwhile. Working in this industry we developed a deep love for cannabis and the people involved in this industry.


What is the one thing you want patients/customers to know about your dispensary?

I want my patients to know that we are a dispensary that will take care of you! We care for our patients and live by our motto of, “Your wellness is our concern.” We take pride in our dispensary and stand by our products. No question is a dumb question.


If someone wanted to open a dispensary and get their feet wet in the industry, what advice or counsel would you give them?

My advice for any new entrepreneur that wants to start up a dispensary would be, “Stay relaxed fam, this ain’t easy.”


What do you hope to accomplish in the cannabis industry?

I hope to accomplish more success in the cannabis industry. To continue what I’m doing now, but on a larger scale and have more new products and employees.




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