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Growing Altruism in The Cannabis Industry




Cannabis companies and dispensaries in legal states are constantly giving back to their local communities. The support network that has developed between cannabis consumers and cannabis business people over the years now has only strengthened. Now, the cannabis community is able to work together to support their local organizations and areas.

Just recently, employees cleaned up 400-500 pounds of trash on the beach. O.penVape donated money to Grow for Vets, an organization that gives alternatives to veterans suffering from opiate addiction. And most recently, the San Diego-based Mankind Cooperative showed support of their local community by donating money to cover anesthesia for 700 animal surgeries at a veterinary care clinic.

Mankind Cooperative has been serving patients in the San Diego area since 2015 and now employs 25 people. “Patients enjoy shopping here. They like feeling safe and interacting with knowledgeable consultants and having the freedom to actually pick up and look at the medicines,” Ebon Johnson, Director of Mankind Cooperative, said in a press release. “It is our great pleasure to be able to contribute to Baja Spay & Neuter a charity that provides low cost, safe neutering and education.”

As part of Animal Awareness Week, Mankind Cooperative donated $731 to Baja California Spay & Neuter to cover anesthesia for 700 animals that need sterilization. Because of funding shortcomings, workers at Baja California Spay & Neuter were forced to improvise. “To celebrate Animal Awareness Week we chose this charity as they accomplish so much with so little” explains Cathy Bliss, Director of Marketing. “They use ironing boards as mobile surgical tables and make a tiny incision so there is less stress on the animal and the supply budget.”

Animals that are housed in animal shelters are frequently euthanized or denied care because of funding shortages. Donating to support a local cause is one of the ways dispensaries can build a meaningful relationship with their local neighbors. Mankind Cooperative, like many other plans on becoming more involved with charity events in the future.

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