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Former NFL Player Joe Montana Invests in Cannabis Media



Cannabis Media

via David Alex Films

It’s not uncommon for athletes to stand behind cannabis as both consumers and advocates. Joe Montana, best known for his quarterback position with the San Francisco 49ers, is the latest to demonstrate this support with a recent investment in the cannabis technology company, Herb. Former NFL player Joe Montana, his capital firm and a group of other investors funded $4.1 million dollars combined for HERB to expand its locations and services. “This is a monumental moment for HERB and a testament to the shift of public view on the cannabis industry,” HERB CEO Matt Gray expressed.

“During our research into the cannabis industry, it became clear to both myself and our team at Liquid 2 Ventures that HERB was the most professionally run business for relevant, informative, cannabis content” Joe Montana explained.  “With the trend quickly leaning toward national or even global legalization, we think it will be imperative that there is a reliable source of educational content, which will ensure that cannabis consumers are well-informed about the benefits as well as the risks of using the plant.”

The cannabis industry knows all too well that National Football League (NFL) athletes are no stranger to cannabis. Many other notable football players have come out in support of cannabis as a medical treatment for their varied conditions in a variety of ways. Former Pittsburgh Steelers player, Jack Ham, announced the management of his own medical cannabis cultivation operation. Frostee Rucker, currently of the Arizona Cardinals, was an avid supporter of local cannabis advocacy in Ohio when he played for the Cincinnati Bengals. Leonard Marshall of the New York Giants, Ricky Williams of the New Orleans Saints, Derrick Morgan of the Tennessee Titans—the list of NFL players who are also cannabis advocates or business owners is seemingly infinite. Thankfully, the advocacy of these athletes has caught the attention of the NFL, which may one day soon lead to the possibility of cannabis consumption and treatment in the future.

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