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Cannabis Industry Provides Natural Disaster Relief




Cannabis IndustryRecent natural disasters are shaking the nation. From wildfires to massive flooding and evacuation caused by hurricanes, people are reeling from these tragedies, and those from all walks of life are coming together to try and heal these wounds. The cannabis industry is no exception.

Southwest Cannabis (SWCC), a conference and expo, offered up a statement that Florida and Texas are in their thoughts and prayers. However, it’s not just all talk or a PR stunt. They have also offered to help with relief efforts by rebuilding lost connections for cannabis businesses, and SWCC is currently putting together programs to assist those affected.

“Dear readers and expo participants in Texas and Florida, SWCC is here to help you rebuild your connections and recover your dreams,” their websites states. “Do not hesitate to contact SWCC to learn about the ways we can help to overcome these catastrophic natural disasters. Keep following SWCC to learn more about the new programs we are creating to assist the Texas and Florida cannabis industries and the people who make them happen.”

Similarly, Speak Easy Vape Lounge in Colorado Springs, Colorado is planning a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser for September 23. The vape lounge offers a safe place to imbibe and hang out in the conservative community of Colorado Springs. Now customers can vape for a cause, as proceeds from the event will be donated to victims of Harvey.

The cannabis industry comes through when things get tough, and those within this industry recognize that many of  the victims of these disasters are cannabis advocates or members of the industry and the community. These are just a few of the many ways that the cannabis industry has been giving back to the community around them and supporting growth and regeneration. Join our community, and please donate your time, money and resources to helping those who have been affected, and are still being affected, by natural disasters.

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