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Carlos Santana Launches Cannabis Brand



Grammy Award-winner and longtime cannabis advocate Carlos Santana has entered the cannabis industry with his own line of cannabis products inspired by his childhood and Latin heritage.

Announced at the beginning of the year, Mirayo is a partnership between Santana and Left Coast Ventures, the company behind other brands including Marley Natural. The name of the brand comes from the Spanish words for my and ray, paying homage to the musician’s Mexican lineage.

Mirayo’s product line includes packs of pre-rolled joints and seven-gram jars of flower in sativa (“Radiance”), hybrid (“Symmetry”) and indica (“Centered”) strains. Following in the brand’s name, all of these cannabis products are grown outdoors.

Santana said cannabis has “special properties that enhance meditative reflection and creative expression” and stated that it was a fixture in his house while growing up. “My mom utilized marijuana. She would grab a chunk of it, put it in a jar with alcohol, and let it sit there for hours, and then when she’d pull it out she was able to rub it into her knees or her hands and her joints where she’d have arthritis or some kind of paralyzing hurtful thing, and that thing healed. So it’s always been medicine to me. It’s never been a drug,” Santana said.

Mirayo is available at dispensaries in the Bay Area and in Southern California with an emphasis on being sold in Latinx-owned shops. Santana also wants to use the profits to help support indigenous communities.

“My goal is to share the financial proceeds of all this with American Indian reservations—Navajo, Apache and Hopi, everyone—to help children all over the world. But specifically, I would like to pledge the majority, if not all of it, to American Indians to help education,” said Santana.

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