Arcanum Sports Performance Products Promote Human Transformation

Utilizing the benefits of activated hemp, Arcanum Sports Performance has developed new, unique products in partnership with Mary’s Nutritionals, offering natural relief.  

The founders of Arcanum began their journey into the cannabis industry when they built Smokin Gun Apothecary (SGA) in Glendale, Colorado (the nation’s first built-from-ground-zero dispensary), because they had a political message to share about cannabis prohibition. It wasn’t until one of the owners, and another owner’s husband, were hit with major health issues—cancer and autoimmune disease—that they understood how much this industry truly had to offer.

“Cannabinoids are truly miraculous. They did for me what no ‘Big Pharma’ prescription had been able to. It calmed down my over active immune system without the negative effects on my body. I could actually function again and get back to running my businesses and doing what I love physically,” said SGA Owner and Arcanum Co-Founder Lindsey Mintz.

“We are a family of athletes. After seeing what activated hemp did for healing our major issues, we began using it to help facilitate recovery after workouts and for nagging injuries,” Mintz continued. “We began asking the right questions and embarked on a treasure trove of knowledge learning about cannabinoids ability to not only aid in, but speed up, recovery and enhance cellular communication on a molecular level. What athlete wouldn’t want that? Could it do for performance what it did for recovery? Thus began our journey to bring activated hemp mainstream into the world of sports performance and recovery.”

Enter Arcanum Sports Performance—a way to offer the benefits of activated hemp to athletes across the nation. “We don’t demand the best, we demand excellence,” stated Mintz. “Partnering with renowned and trusted trailblazers in the field of activated hemp, Mary’s Nutritionals, was a must.”

On Jan. 11, 2018, Arcanum Sports Performance, powered by Mary’s Nutritionals, was born. The benefits of activated hemp are now available to athletes everywhere. All Arcanum products are 100 percent organic, pesticide-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and made in Colorado. Every ingredient in all Arcanum products is approved through use in sport by both the United States Anti-Doping Agency and the World Anti-Doping Agency and is able to be shipped to all 50 states.

While Arcanum is tackling the sports supplement market, the owners will be the first to tell you that they care about their core customer’s health and wellbeing. “We are not in the business of sports supplementation; Arcanum is for the athlete and weekend warrior interested in human transformation.” Arcanum invites people across the world to “UPGRADE YOURSELF.” The company also donates a portion of every sale to providing and funding alternative health choices for United States Veterans.

Arcanum is available for purchase at and ships to your doorstep nationwide.


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