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History is in the making right now. Acceptance of cannabis is at an all-time high, encouraging many businesses to chase after their dreams of success. But compared to the earlier days of cannabis, expectations are higher, quality is required, and new innovations are necessary.

There are countless cannabis brands looking to make a name for themselves, but those which have already been established have the upper hand. Dixie Brands, Inc. is one such brand that has experienced significant amount of success over the past decade, ensuring that its products are both reliable and safe for consumers, not to mention delicious.

Dixie Brands, Inc. first launched in 2010 with a single product—the Dixie Elixir, a THC-infused soda. The product was wildly popular, and CEO Chuck Smith realized that there was an untapped market for cannabis-infused beverages that were created safely and contained a proper dose of cannabis. “We could see that there was a clear consumer demand for high-quality products, across a broad set of delivery formats, that would deliver a consistent experience time and time again,” Smith told CULTURE in an exclusive interview. Now Dixie Brands, Inc. offers five flavors of its Dixie Elixir product, and has expanded its inventory with 30 different product variations including edibles (like chocolates, gummies, mints and tarts in addition to Dixie Elixirs and a Citrus Acai Lifted beverage), tinctures, topicals and most recently, a high-end extraction line.

Dixie Brands, Inc. is setting a high standard for the future of cannabis. For almost 10 years the company has embraced its core values, which revolve around proper research, education and advocacy. Now that the company is well established, it has become a trusted brand for both safe and flavorful cannabis products.

Rising above most competitors is a major accomplishment, and Dixie Brands, Inc. embraces quite a few personal statements about how it plans on grow. Above all else, one of its most important goals is to maintain the trust of consumers and ensure customer loyalty. “In a rapidly growing industry that can sometimes sacrifice quality for short term gains, we’re all about safety, reliability and accuracy,” said Smith.

“Our processes are finely tuned to get the best quality product to our customers on a consistent basis.”

Photo by Joel Meaders

With the support of consumers, Dixie Brands, Inc. is able to continue producing high-quality products. The number of products that Dixie now sells is a clear indication that its customers are loyal fans. “Our processes are finely tuned to get the best quality product to our customers on a consistent basis,” Smith added. “We handcraft every product with pure-extracted THC and go far above and beyond the mandatory required testing. We triple lab test every product we sell. Because when it comes to cannabis, we want to be the consistent standard that other companies have to measure up to.”

But like other cannabis businesses, Dixie isn’t impervious to the many issues plaguing the industry. Smith notes that banking for instance is a constant challenge for business owners, not to mention how the current federally illegal status of cannabis frequently affects success, too.

Despite setbacks that the industry has experienced as a whole, Smith is certain that the next few years will be extremely formative both for the industry and for Dixie Brands, Inc. “Right now, we have operations in Colorado, California, Maryland and Nevada,” Smith added. “We also announced a licensing partnership with Auxly Inc to bring Dixie to Canada. Currently we are working hard to complete a public offering, slated for October, which will enable us to increase our U.S. expansion by another four to six states by the end of 2019. That will give Dixie the largest footprint of controlled product manufacturing and distribution in the industry.”

Company Name: Dixie Brands, Inc.

Address: 4990 Oakland St., Denver


Phone Number: (303) 945-3965

Interviewed: Chuck Smith, CEO