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The city of Denver will soon see its second social-use cannabis business open later this year. On Aug. 24, Denver’s Licensing Director granted Taylor Rosean and Megan Lumpkins the city’s second permit to operate a cannabis consumption lounge. Vape and Play will be an adult-use vape bar, entertainment lounge and venue.

Initiative 300, which was approved by voters in 2016, allows companies to apply for licenses to operate adult-use cannabis consumption businesses in designated areas. Strict limitations on location and specific zoning rules posed challenges in the beginning. Rosean and Lumpkins worked closely with neighborhood committees to adhere to public safety concerns and to make sure they weren’t violating any of I-300’s rules.

The company behind Vape and Play has been a work in progress for almost two years. Rosean told CULTURE that his team is honored to have received one of the first Designated Consumption Area permits. Since 2016, the company has worked with legislators, attended task force meetings, spoke with registered neighborhood organizations and explained its business model to municipal government members and agencies. The application for Vape and Play was submitted in June 2018.

Rosean, founder and operational director of Vape and Play, described in an interview that the saloon-style 20 station vape bar is constructed of beetle kill pine and will allow attendees to belly up, socialize and get their vape on together. Rosean said of the bar, “This unique patent-pending design is geared specifically towards providing a cannabis consumption solution for the public. All parts are modular, removable, cleanable and sanitizable, meaning each guest will get to enjoy a perfectly safe cannabis experience every single hit. All of our BadPenny vaporizers are also tablet operated and feature artisan grade design, giving every customer a unique experience they will not be able to get at home.” There will not be cannabis sales permitted on site. Patrons will be required to bring their own flower or concentrate and are asked to leave edibles and paraphernalia at home.

Cannabis lovers of all levels of expertise and who are 21 and older are invited to come and enjoy Vape and Play. Events will consist of live music, comedians, yoga classes, educational seminars, industry functions, movie premiers, catered events, product launch parties and more. Rosean shared that although there won’t be arcade games, board and card games, trivia night, coloring books and televisions will provide plenty of entertainment when events are scheduled. Social-use cannabis clubs give tourists and those who can’t consume in their homes a safe place to come hang, vape and socialize.

“This unique patent-pending design is geared specifically towards providing a cannabis consumption solution for the public.”


Cannabis social-use businesses are not allowed to cook and serve food, but don’t fear the munchies. Vape and Play is working hard on stocking unique vending options by sourcing snacks and foods not found in everyday vending machines. “While we do plan on having everyone’s favorites from the gas station, we also want to showcase international snacks and candies you might not see on your normal late night munchie run,” he said. They are also working with some of Denver’s hottest restaurants for catered events. “Vape and Play is excited to showcase the eateries that make Denver unique,” said Rosean.

Vape and Play will open later this year in the prime location of Denver’s South Broadway district known for its unique hangouts, trendy eateries and abundance of dispensaries, also known as “The Green Mile.” The Vape and Play building, located at 1753 South Broadway, is currently undergoing renovations, and Rosean said the location is planning for an invite-only soft opening in November and a grand opening in December.

Vape and Play’s mission is to “work with the community to create a space where adults can recreationally and responsibly consume cannabis, while happily co-existing with businesses and neighborhoods around them . . . and furthermore show the world it can be done,” according to a statement.

Denver’s first social use license was granted in February 2018 to The Coffee Joint, located at 1130 Yuma Court on Denver’s west side.