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California Bureau of Cannabis Control Invites Public to Provide Input






On Thurs, Feb. 13, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) announced that the Cannabis Advisory Committee (CAC) will be holding two major subcommittee meetings on Thurs, March 1 in Sacramento.

At the meeting late last week when this information was announced, the Bureau noted that nine subcommittees voted for the March 1 deadline. The subcommittees include Enforcement, Manufactures, Microbusiness, Retailers, Cultivators, Distributors, Equity, Licensing Application and Public Health and Youth. The topic of the March 1 meeting will allow the CAC to “finalize their recommendations on the state cannabis licensing authorities’ formal rulemaking packages,” according to press release from the BCC.

Once those recommendations have been proposed, another final meeting will occur on Thurs, March 15, in Los Angeles. A specific location has not yet been chosen. Should the proposal become adopted, then it will be used and referenced as formal recommendations in the future.

California business owners who want to submit information, comments or suggestions have until Wed, Feb. 21 to do so. Interested parties may click on this link, which will take them to a formal website for them to submit feedback. The meeting is broken up into two groups, one that begins at 9 a.m. PT and an additional meeting that begins 1 p.m.

Those who seek out details of the Meeting Notices and Agendas for each of the nine subcommittees can find it on the BCC’s website. Public documents are normally available 10 days before a meeting is set to take place, and all subcommittee meetings are open to the public.

The BCC has been making slow but sure progress in better establishing regulations and communicating with cannabis business owners. If you seek more information on state licensing, check out the California Cannabis Portal.

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