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Former NBA Star Al Harrington Premiers Cannabis Line




At a “star-studded” dinner last night in Beverly Hills, retired NBA star Al Harrington announced the release of Harrington Wellness, his line of upscale wellness products based on hemp-derived CBD. The announcement arrived just in time for the NBA’s 2018 All-Star Weekend.

“After more surgeries than I care to admit, my knee was shot, and I was in pain all the time,” admitted Harrington, CEO of Harrington Wellness and founder of The Harrington Group. “If I had the benefit of CBDs, like our Harrington Wellness Cream when I was playing, there’s no doubt I could have played two or three more seasons in the NBA.”

Harrington first convinced his grandmother Viola to try CBD-based extracts to alleviate her glaucoma symptoms. That’s why he also launched Viola Extracts, a sister company to Harrington Wellness.

After Harrington’s 2017 interview with retired NBA Commissioner David Stern went viral, his support of cannabis became more recognized and led to the creation of Harrington Wellness.

The Harrington Group also invested in Butter Baby, a “female-led, minority-owned” edible company, which is the maker of its line of Cannabutter and infused fresh baked cookies. “With Harrington Wellness, Viola Extracts and Butter Baby, we’re building brands that will afford our customers a better, healthier and more fulfilling life, as they will be able to trust and have confidence in anything that carries my name,” added Harrington.

Harrington joins former NBA player Jay Williams, who estimated that 80 percent of NBA players consume cannabis off-season. Off-season is open season for NBA players who smoke, because they only have to endure four random drug tests, but all during game season.

The former New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets forward wants to share the benefits of CBD with the rest of the world, after watching it help his grandmother.

Viola Extracts are currently available Oregon and Colorado, and will become available soon in California and Michigan.

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