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Canadian Cannabis Edible and Vape Sales off to a Slow Start




Edibles and vape products are still only available in a select few parts of the vast expanse of Canada.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 16 was the first day Canadians could legally purchase vapes, edibles and infused beverages. Newfoundland and Labrador are two of the only provinces that have legalized these forms of cannabis so far. For example, CannabisNL, a wholesaler based in the area, had chocolate squares and gummies from Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. brands Kolab and Foray.

Alberta likely won’t have edibles available until mid-January, despite it being the province with the most cannabis stores in Canada. Alberta currently has contracts with 42 cannabis producers, and about half of them anticipate offering the new products. Additionally, Quebec will begin selling edibles on New Year’s Day in limited quantities.

In Ontario, the new products will begin to appear in retail stores in early January. British Columbia will have edibles for sale as early as late December, and Nova Scotia plans to have edible products available in-store on Dec. 23. New Brunswick is next in line, planning to sell cannabis early next week.

Regulations for legal edible products began on October 17, approximately one year after cannabis was initially legalized. As long as companies provided a 60 days’ notice, stores will be able to sell edibles, but new sales are happening on a staggered basis. With time, Canadian cannabis companies will sell new products in full force.

Canada is an impressive example of positive cannabis regulations. In record time, officials in the country have made quick decisions and have managed the large number of rules well. Officials are considering changing the age of legal consumption in Quebec and local workers are already forming support groups for unionization.