Wulf Micro

Vapers, unite! It’s 420, and it no longer means that it’s time to secure massive amounts of flower and blaze all day. Give your lungs a break, and pack your favorite pre-filled cartridge into the Wulf Micro. This handy vaporizer means you can take your 420 celebration to the tallest mountain, or at least on a walk around the neighborhood. As one of the smallest vaporizers we have ever seen, this adorable vape still packs a punch. At two inches tall and one inch wide, this vape will fit discreetly in the palm of your hand and stores conveniently in your pocket or in the small zipper inside your bag. What’s best about this mini vape is that you can enjoy a discreet vaping experience while still having a full-size cart on hand, which is perfect for your daylong 420 shenanigans.

Price: $24.99
More Information: wulfmods.com

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