White Widow CO2 Extract

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Available at Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose.

A classic strain in an ultra-modern extract form, White Widow CO2 Extract from Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose is lab-tested at three times as strong as the strongest flowers. Made by Wonder Extracts, this is a gold, semi-solid, gel that works best on dabbers. It’s very pure and consistent and high-quality, the result of fractional distillation, which removes most of the plant material while retaining most of the cannabinoids; and it’s solvent-free. We got very little in the way of original White Widow terpenes in the oil, rather a faint CO2 hash smell. White Widow CO2 extract vaped ultra-light, and ultra-strong with a muted sweet note and ultra-strength, instant and psychoactive effects. Patients are dabbing or vaping high-THC oils for serious conditions like cancer pain and nausea while still avoiding the smoke and carcinogens of raw flowers.

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