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Washington State Bans Flavored Vaping Devices




In light of the recent vaping incidents, the Washington state governor proposed initiating an emergency ban this week against the sale of flavored vaping products.

According to the The Seattle Times, Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered state officials to impose this emergency ban in response to the recent deaths and illnesses. He directed the Washington State Department of Health to issue a ban immediately. If the ban is adopted during the upcoming Oct. 9 board meeting, it will go into effect the following day. “These kids get hooked,” Inslee claimed. He claimed that flavors such as bubblegum and cinnamon specifically impact and draw in young customers. “Look, when you addict a 12-year-old kid to nicotine, you’re just wrong,” he added.

Most people support vaping bans, as there is a clear concern about vaping and its safety. However, some feel that this could potentially jeopardize small businesses who have already invested in vaping products and will now be in big trouble. Some are also concerned about vaping sickness being even worth from unauthorized products. “There is a sense of urgency to identify the ingredient, or ingredients, causing these problems,” said Rep. Joe Schmick, R-Colfax, in a statement. “However, the governor’s ban does nothing for the products that can be purchased on the street,” added Schmick, a Republican on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee. “This won’t affect the black-market producers.”

Researchers worked tirelessly to discover what is causing the illness behind vaping. Many regions of the country have begun to, or are already deciding, to ban flavored vaping for the time being. However, vaping will be a hard habit to break for many, including teenagers who prefer vaping to consuming other ways.