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Walter White





Available at Urban Dispensary in Denver.

It’s been three years since Breaking Bad left the airways, but leave it to the cannabis community to keep the memory alive with countless tribute strains. Count Walter White among our favorites, a cross of Flo, Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush we picked up from Denver’s Urban Dispensary. Grown by The Mountain Girl, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was grown in a secret underground bunker, as the trichome coverage and structure was superb for such a wild mix of genetics. Richly green with burnt red hairs, it’s hard to see the Kush lineage, although you can definitely smell it. Rubbery as the inside of Jesse Pinkman’s hazmat suit, it also picks up a subtle sweetness from the Flo that leaves you craving another hit. For an indica-dominant hybrid, we were pleasantly surprised with the initial energy rush that hits initially, although smoother than anything Heisenberg cooked up. It’s creative and mood elevating, giving a thoughtful cerebral effect before moving into reviewers’ lower limbs. While you may feel like you’re waist deep in the desert toward the end of your experience with Walter White, it settles down well for a night of binge watching your favorite cable series.

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