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[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]he word “paradise” induces visions of the most beautiful, relaxing and perfect place or mental state—making it the most appropriate way to brand cannabis products that produce the same effect. Co-founders and brother and sister duo, Mike Plomgren and Katie Devoe, started Paradise in 2009, which is a California company that manufactures high-end cannabis and CBD products in-house. As part of the company’s 10-year anniversary, Paradise is releasing exciting new products while staying true to the values that have ensured the company’s success all these years.

“Ten years and still going strong, we have grown Paradise and become a renowned reputation as a leader and innovator in the industry,” the co-founders shared.


Humble Beginnings

Looking at Paradise products, you wouldn’t know that this top-of-the-line brand has humble beginnings. Plomgren entered the cannabis industry almost by accident, after being inspired by a simple job. As the owner of a hauling company at the time, Plomgren was hired to haul away trim from his friends who were cannabis cultivators. Plomgren and Devoe realized the trim could be useful, and they infused butter with the intention of helping others discover the medical benefits of cannabis, something that the two of them already knew about firsthand.

The two set out to discover which delivery method of cannabis would be the most effective for patients in terms of absorption. They discovered that candy would the perfect product to get cannabinoids into the bloodstream fast and effectively.

“We took it to the kitchen and starting formulating recipes. We eventually got it right and invented the first-ever cannabis-infused candy in 2009,” they said. “It was truly groundbreaking. We were first-to-market with the hard candy. It didn’t take long for the candies to take off and became a bestseller in cannabis medical dispensaries throughout California. Paradise was born.”

In 2012, the pair expanded Paradise’s vision and started to manufacture the recipes with CBD. “We were also the first to create an infused CBD candy and caramel, which quickly expanded to a full suite of products, from candy to tinctures, gummies, oils and more,” they recalled.

Highest of Standards

Now well-known in the industry as a leading producer of high-quality THC and CBD products, Paradise has a secret—it’s a secret to success that was born out of passion surrounding the healing power of cannabis. “We figured out a way to turn our passion into a purpose and have always been committed to helping others,” they said. This passion shines through in every aspect of their cannabis and CBD products.

Creating high-end cannabis products starts with the manufacturing process, which is something the co-founders of Paradise take seriously. They are dedicated to being experts of their craft while maintaining the highest standards. “We have always stood for integrity with regard to plant-based healing and pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing standards,” the co-founders told CULTURE. “Paradise is a private, self-funded company that has always stood true to our family values of integrity, honesty and quality.”

Paradise has always operated responsibly and in compliance with the industry’s constantly evolving regulations every step of the way. One key to Paradise’s success is the perseverance and determination of its co-founders, as they have never faltered from their core values.

“From raids to regulations, we have had many challenges along the way and have continued to power through and rise up each year through expansion, compliance and effective products. We have always been above board and will continue to be, even while current regulations are occurring. We have always stood our ground to not only be in compliance, but to be above standards,” they said.

Plomgren and Devoe maintain their core values from seed-to-sale, allowing consumers to find a higher quality of life through Paradise’s purpose-driven, plant-based products.

“Our vision is to create a higher quality of life through purpose-driven, plant-based products and in being a responsible corporate citizen with the highest level of integrity, from seed to sale.”

New Tricks of the Trade

Proving the concept of how to create the best cannabis candies and other products, Paradise continues to offer its clients the quality of products they deserve. “In honor of a decade in business for Paradise, we are launching a new e-commerce website, introducing new products for consumers and retailers and expanding our manufacturing operations,” they told CULTURE. “We have expanded and upscaled our facilities, positioning Paradise to continue its legacy as the largest, most trusted manufacturer with the expertise, integrity and experience to produce the finest edibles, tinctures and topical products in the market.”

New products include high-dosage tinctures, which are made using organic, unrefined medium-chain triglyceride coconut oil. Consumers will also love Paradise’s new topical line of THC and CBD products, which include a body balm and muscle rub. Staying true to its edible roots, Paradise offers caramels, gummies and lozenges, which are also available with gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free options.

Paradise CBD products are available to consumers nationally, while the cannabis products containing THC are only available in California.

Ultimately, Paradise was founded with the intention of bringing the very best products to the masses. “We have always been about the plant, and not the dollar signs. It’s because of what the plant medicine has done for us and what we’ve seen it do for others,” they shared.

The duo is committed to continue making top-of-the-line cannabis products. They will seek out partnerships with like-minded companies and individuals who share in this sentiment. They want to bring legitimacy and validation to the healing powers of cannabis through their professional approach.

“That’s what we mean when we say ‘Paradise,’ it means the best, for all. And we think our products will take you there,” they concluded.

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