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Two Massachusetts Cannabis Dispensaries Reach $7 Million in Sales



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]wo Massachusetts cannabis retail shops, New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Northampton and Cultivate in Leicester, have brought in a total of $7 million in sales since starting operation on Nov. 20.

According to data released by the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), the two dispensaries brought in a total of $2.2 million within the span of a week of December, on top of the gross $4.8 million they made in the first two weeks of operation.

Between Dec. 3 and Dec. 9, the stores sold a total of 57,127 units or measured-out cannabis and cannabis products such as chocolate bars and lotions. They are subject to taxes, with a 6.25 percent sales tax, a 10.75 percent excise tax and a three percent local tax.

Coincidentally, the commission released these sales numbers on the same day the regulators approved a third shop located in Salem called Alternative Therapies Group. It has received final licensing approval from the state CCC and could begin retail sales practically anytime now. It will be the third licensed cannabis shop in Massachusetts and the first one in eastern Massachusetts. The business currently operates as a cannabis dispensary serving registered patients only. Two more shops, INSA in Easthampton, not far from NETA, and Pharmacannis in Wareham have final approvals from the commission but still need clearance to begin operations.

Final licenses could soon be granted for three retail applicants. The list includes Northeast Alternatives, Inc., Temescal Wellness of Massachusetts Inc. and Theory Wellness, Inc.

If granted licenses, Temescal Wellness is seeking out locations in Hudson and Pittsfield, Theory Wellness is looking in Great Barrington, and Northeast Alternatives is seeking a location in Fall River. Commissioners have also approved a several other final and provisional licenses in regards to product manufacturing, cultivation and independent testing labs.

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