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Top 10 Cannabis Gifts to Bring to a White Elephant Gift Exchange



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]O[/dropcap]ne of the strangest and most unique traditions of the holidays is the existence of White Elephant gifting. The history of this form of gifting dates back to a King of Siam, who would give albino elephants to those who displeased him. These gifts costed the giftees a lot of money for a pet that they did not ask for, but were forced to take care of. Today, the “white elephant” gift exchange has evolved into gag gifts that aren’t useful, but funny to receive. In terms of cannabis, there are plenty of odd items to give if you’re participating in a white elephant exchange this year. Just keep in mind that if you’re giving any actual cannabis items, that you abide by state law.


Koko Nuggz

Fake out your friends with a jar of Koko Nuggz. These may look like real cannabis from afar, but upon closer inspection giftees will find that it’s just well-decorated chocolate. And it’s not even medicated chocolate.

Dope on a Rope Soap

In the effort to infuse everyday life with cannabis, some might enjoy a whiff of classic scents like Lime Kush or Northern Lights-inspired soap. Plus, the name is rhythmically pleasing, so what’s not to love?

Shaggy’s Doobie Den Wooden Sign

This cedar-based sign just begs to be hung up somewhere for all to see. Not that any cannabis consumers need to label their favorite smoke spots, but who doesn’t like a 1960s throwback to old cannabis culture?

Kush Cakes

At first glance, these are your stereotypical cannabis-infused brownies—but nope. They’re just regular brownies. It’s the perfect gift for one second of happiness and a lifetime of disappointment.

Meowijuana Catnibas Joints

Joints that you can’t smoke are probably the worst gift. But you know, cats might get a kick out of these.

Cannabis Holiday Sweater

Ugly holiday sweaters used to be real, and they were probably worn every year by your grandmother. But nowadays, it’s an excuse to display fandom and be a little goofy. Your White Elephant giftee will certainly look goofy wearing this sweater, complete with a cannabis leaf holiday tree.

Blue Q Feel Incredibly High Breath Spray

None of this makes sense, but one thing is for certain—anyone who receives this gift will have the freshest breath imaginable.

THC Single Drug Screen Test

Happy Holidays! Here’s a box of urine tests to help you know if cannabis is still floating around in your system.

KannaBling Nug Gold Rope Chain Necklace

Ever wish you could just wear your favorite nugs wherever you go? Well we’re about to blow your mind. These necklaces give everyone the opportunity to where realistic cannabis flower in three different variations: Purple, Green and Hybrid. Just what we wanted, a nug that can’t be consumed.

Stoner Coffee Table Book

Utterly useless, as no one really ever looks at books that are placed on a coffee table—until cannabis is consumed. Then this book becomes the holy grail of fascination.

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