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Cannabis products high in cannabidiol (CBD) are booming in popularity these days. CBD is a compound of cannabis that doesn’t get the consumer intoxicated, but is known for its medical benefits among a wide variety of conditions, including pain, inflammation, epilepsy and depression. It’s even being investigated for its anti-cancer properties.

Like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it can be delivered in flower, oil, foods and many other ways. But until recently, few tried to tackle how to add it to plain water.

If the overnight success of CBD Living Water is any indication, there is plenty of demand. Though it was just launched in 2015, it’s already available in 45 states and sold internationally. And the water was only the beginning.

“I have others very close to me [who] have had health problems, and I have watched them consume CBD and have seen the effects of how it has helped tremendously.”

“It’s not about getting you high, it’s about the medical value of the cannabinoids, and now the general public is now becoming more aware of the option of being able to get the benefits of cannabinoids by consuming CBD without consuming THC and the effects of getting high,” said Bill D., the company founder.

Pallets to Truckloads

Bill is a longtime entrepreneur and business owner, including construction companies, offshore fishing boats and motorcycle parts. He also says he has long consumed CBD and that it has kept him free of health problems.

“I have others very close to me [who] have had health problems, and I have watched them consume CBD and have seen the effects of how it has helped tremendously,” he said.

He said a biochemist came to him with the idea for CBD-infused water. Like THC, CBD does not naturally bond with water molecules. That’s the same reason drinking bong water won’t get you intoxicated.

This scientist had an idea how to make it but no idea what to do with it. Bill said he “jumped all over it and ran with the idea.” Such was the instant popularity that he went from shipping a few pallets in 2015 to shipping it by the truckload.

It isn’t the only CBD water on the market, but Bill says the water purity sets it apart.

“As we know there are other CBD waters out there or trying to be out there, but many have a terrible taste or smell and are not clear. They do not look or taste like the crisp, clear clean water like CBD Living products.”

As for how they accomplished that, that’s something Bill isn’t talking about, saying only that it’s a “proprietary process.”

Why Water?

So what’s so special about water, when there are many, many other ways to ingest CBD?

Bill explained, “The Micro Encapsulated Nano CBD allows the CBD to enter the body at the cellular level giving it 100 percent bioavailability. Consuming CBD any other way, the consumer will lose upwards of 80 to 90 percent of the CBD, as it processes through the digestive system.”

You can find CBD Living Water in health food stores, smoke shops, cannabis dispensaries and other locations. The company also makes a host of other CBD products, including gummies, gel caps, chocolate and vaporizer oils.

The potential for CBD products, he said, is “endless.”

“As awareness of CBD continues to move into mainstream consumers, I believe CBD will be in high demand to be in all types of consumable and topical products, and CBD Living will continue to work hard to be at the for front of this movement, bringing the best CBD products to market.”

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