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[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]C[/dropcap]annabis-infused edibles have come so far from the origins of homemade brownies and store-bought gummies. Now, there are countless ways to consume a variety of cannabis-infused foods, especially edibles that don’t contain too many extra calories, if any at all. As a result of this progress, many consumers are opting for healthier infused food to allow them to adhere to diets, medicate or deal with allergies. This aligns with the growing demand for accurate health information when it comes to edibles and their ingredients.

As the cannabis industry in legal and medical states continues to grow, there are more and more available options for those who choose to forego a decadent treat when it comes to cannabis edibles. Here are a few ways that consumers are opting for more health-conscious edibles.



Dissolvable cannabinoid powders are becoming a popular way to indulge in cannabis without having to eat anything substantial. Hydrophilic products, or dissolvable products, are achieved through intense emulsification processes. Powders can be added to water, soda water, tea or other beverages, and they typically add very few calories, if any, to the drinks being consumed. Many feel that this is the future of consumption, because some dissolvable cannabinoids are flavorless, making for a completely seamless ingestion process that just feels like drinking any regular beverage. Powders are both water- and fat-soluble, so they can be easily ingested and don’t need heating in order to work.



Another way to consume cannabis without adding calories is to simply stick with capsules filled with decarboxylated flower, hash or oil. Cannabis in pill form, while strange to some at first because of the stigma that pills can sometimes carry, is catching on as a very popular way to medicate discreetly without eating any food, drinking, smoking or vaping involved. Companies like Stratos in Denver, Colorado specialize in pills that are good for sleep, relaxation and focus, which takes the guesswork out of choosing the right cannabis product.


Sublingual Strips

To keep up with the modern world and also to combat overeating, many consumers are turning to THC- and CBD-infused cannabis strips in order to get a dose of cannabis as medicine or for recreation. Often called sublingual strips, these no-calorie products are simply placed under the tongue, where they quickly and subtly work for the consumer, or between your cheek and gums by dissolving directly into the bloodstream.



Finally, alcohol-based tinctures are a great way to ingest cannabis by either adding a drop to food or drink, or simply putting a drop directly under the tongue. They act quickly and efficiently, and they’re also extremely easy to control dosage. That’s why even edible creators who have been successful with creating sweets and other decadent products are also dipping their toes into the tinctures market.


In 2019, there are plenty of ways to ingest cannabis that don’t involve eating candy or any extra calories. From fast-acting tinctures to drink powders, cannabis consumption is constantly being fine-tuned and elevated.

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