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The Ins and Outs of Edibles with EcoGen



Can edibles expire? What happens when they do, and how do you know they’re bad if there’s no date or smell? How do you keep edibles fresh? These and other questions burned in our minds, so we talked to Brittany Giovanniello, resident Head of Sales at EcoGen Biosciences to get the inside scoop. 

How did you first get involved with the cannabis industry?

Five years ago, a friend of mine from New York had shared pictures and videos of cannabis farms on Facebook. It appeared he had left New York and was starting a new path in the cannabis- and-hemp derived products industries. I reached out to him curiously, and he immediately offered to fly me out to visit the farms and facility. I had been hosting educational classes and workshops on the benefits of essential oils for several years, and he thought I’d be a valuable asset to the sales team.  

I knew next to nothing about CBD, but he spent a lot of time explaining it to me over the phone before my trip. Sure enough, I moved to Colorado only two weeks later. Since starting my current role at EcoGen, the leading, vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of hemp-derived, specialty ingredients and finished products, I have focused on finding quality manufacturers that we partner with and manage a team as the Head of Sales. 

What is the most important thing to keep in mind about edibles and expiration? 

There is a reason why expiration dates are printed on consumable goods. After time and depending on the conditions and ingredients of the product, harmful micro-organisms can develop and make you sick. People who consume edibles are looking for a positive experience, not a debilitating one.

How can you tell if edibles are expired without an expiration date? 

Edibles that are expired will harden or develop a dry coating. In some cases, manufacturers will only provide a manufactured date without data to validate its expiration. If a company is selling edibles at a discount, it is likely because they are approaching expiration. If you consume expired edibles without an expiration date, becoming ill would be an indication.    

What is the best way to keep edibles fresh? 

Storing them in moderate temperatures away from UV light and maintaining a proper seal.  Clean and dry hands will also prevent contaminants from entering the container if you have a multi-dose product.  

Is there anything special you want to announce or promote at this time? 

EcoGen Biosciences manufactures custom made edibles such as gummies, chocolates and caramels in a cGMP 21 CFR 111 facility and is accredited to manufacture dietary supplements.  

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

EcoGen Biosciences is the leading, vertically integrated hemp producer based on the Western Slope of Colorado. From bulk, cannabinoid ingredients such as isolates and distillates to turnkey consumer packaged goods, EcoGen is the solution for brands looking for high quality hemp derived cannabinoid products at scale.