‘The Cannabis Chemist:’ Short film from FiveThirtyEight & ESPN Films explores cannabis’ composition and medical benefits

“Cannabis Chemist,” a new short film released by FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films, takes you into the world of scientist Chris Hudalla, who breaks down both the chemical composition of cannabis and the arguments against it. Hudalla uses research and empirical data to point out how important medical cannabis is for those who suffer from ailments such as seizures, Multiple Sclerosis and migraines.

“Cannabis Chemist,” is directed by Jamie Schutz and was produced for a series entitled The Collectors. The anthology series is compiled of ten short films focusing on an eclectic group of characters who collect data ranging from the official scorer at a baseball game, to a meteorologist tracking hurricanes. Each installment of the series chronicles how each individual gathers data, and how their judgment in translating the information into hard numbers can shape how the world is viewed and interpreted. The series, including the “Cannabis Chemist” episode, is available exclusively on FiveThirtyEight, WatchESPN and ABC News.


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