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THC Capsules by Firebros





Available at All Natural Wellness Center in Tacoma.

Products like these THC Capsules by Firebros remind us all of how far cannabis has come as an industry. Gone are the days of foul-tasting brownies wrapped in tin foil. These THC capsules represent the future of cannabis products. Attractively packaged and totally professional looking, these babies will be sure to blow the minds of your out-of-state friends. To the untrained eye, when unpackaged, these THC capsules look more like multi-vitamins than they do cannabis products. But at 50mg of THC a piece, these two little capsules are to be taken with caution. This is the perfect product for when you need a scentless, small and perfectly reliable dose of THC. There are countless uses for these capsules; packing for a trip, low key daytime use, the list goes on.

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