Strawberry Diesel Colorado Review

Strawberry Diesel

Available at Redeye Releaf in Denver.

When two great things are combined, usually an equally or better product is created.

This is certainly the case when Strawberry Cough was combined with Sour Diesel and Strawberry Diesel was born. From Redeye Releaf we received good looking, tightly formed, decent sized, bright green buds with visible crystals, red hairs and an amazing smell. We couldn’t wait to get this show on the road. Strawberry Diesel is a hybrid strain, with a near evenly balanced ratio of sativa to indica, which is great for those who battle anxiety but still want the motivating effects of the sativa. After a few puffs off a joint, we felt motivated, uplifted and euphoric. The indica characteristics produced a warm body effect. We felt relieved from the stress held in our neck and shoulders. By the end of the joint we were ready to do something besides sit on the couch so we took the dog for a nice long walk to enjoy one of the many 60 degree days we’ve been having here (are you sure it’s winter, Colorado?). This is a strain to know if you don’t already.


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