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Strain of the Week: Animal Cookies



Every generation has its nostalgic foods and snacks. From Cracker Jack to Dunkaroos, there was something special about the foods (usually sweets) that were commonly eaten by everyone. One of the more popular images of a nostalgic treat is Mother’s® brand animal cookies—those pink and white confetti cookies that tasted like chocolate and wax—but somehow, we always wanted more. That company has been in business for over 100 years now, and Mother’s® bakes approximately 17 million cookies every year. For cannabis consumers, the word “cookies” holds a different meaning, but it’s every bit as nostalgic as real animal cookies, and shares the name to boot.

Animal Cookies “charges out the gate” in the cannabis world with world class properties. CULTURE reviewers noted that Animal Cookies evolved from a strain called Fire OG. It is one of those strains that will likely always remain at the top of everyone’s list, thanks to its potent effects. As a popular hybrid choice, it offers a great combination of euphoria and relaxation. Through this strain, Animal Cookies was born—another hybrid strain that is often recommended to high tolerance patients.

Animal Cookies doesn’t quite taste or smell like its cookie counterpart, but it makes up for it in properties. CULTURE reviewers found that their sample contained a traditionally herbal scent, along with notes of pepper and lemon. Of course, the real test ultimately relies on how it affects consumers. Upon inhalation, the smoke was thick bodied, a bit fuel-tinged and as reviewers put it, “scrumptious.” During the sample sesh, reviewers also found Animal Cookies’ prime indica properties really shining through, allowing them to sit and reflect on all that this strain has to offer. Patients often rely on this strain for treatment of their various medical conditions, such as stress, loss of appetite or insomnia.

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