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Spectrum Concentrates




 Spectrum Concentrates        


How would you describe your company? What is your specialty?

Spectrum Concentrates is an extraction company that focuses on creating the most authentic and comprehensive representation of the original cannabis cultivar. We believe in creating a product that is pure, potent and made with precision. We specialize in high terpene and high cannabinoid full spectrum extracts that capture all of the beneficial biomolecules, while leaving behind the undesirable ones and providing a truly unadulterated, flavorful and pure cannabinoid experience.


What do you offer consumers/clients that others don’t?

Our industry professionals use a compilation of techniques that utilize organic hydrocarbon solvent washes of cannabis material in closed-loop botanical extraction machinery. We do not use any additives of any kind and source from only reputable, locally-grown Colorado flower cultivators. All Spectrum Concentrates products are made from fresh frozen cannabis plant material, preserving the full terpene profile.

Utilizing fresh frozen cannabis buds in our extraction allows us to preserve the full terpene profile. By freezing the freshly harvested material, we preserve the volatile terpenes that would normally be lost during the drying process. More natural methods result in a more authentic flavor.

Our extracts capture the true essence of the strain’s terpene profile while having the purity and potency customers deserve without having to reintroduce foreign terpenes or flavoring agents. We offer clients the ability to experience cannabis extracts as if they were walking through a garden the day before harvest.