Sour Diesel A-Pow


Available at Airfield Supply Co in san jose.

Formerly South Bay Healing Center, Airfield Supply Co is an expansive, modern runway of a space with some seriously high technology. On the shelves, this Sour Diesel A-Pow tops out at 98 percent THC-A, among the most potent extracts ever created. It comes in a tiny little screwtop seal jar and inside is very pale white, granules. Astoundingly, the extract still has an evanescent terpene profile that’s inviting, and not clinical. It’s pretty hard to dab up the granules of near-pure THC-A but once you do and apply them to a hot nail, the heat decarboxylates and activates the THC—making for an ultra-potent, ultra-light hit. Patients dab extracts like these to try and ward off impending, and otherwise chronic, intractable migraines. They also inhale high-THC formulations to treat Multiple Sclerosis. Keep in a cool, dark, low humidity place to preserve consistency.

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