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Some CBD Vapes Contained Traces of Street Drug




While cannabis vape pens are marketed as a healthy alternative to smoking and a way to medicate with CBD, many CBD vape pens have been found to contain traces of a drug that mimics cannabis, and not to contain very much CBD at all.

According to a study by the Associated Press, testing revealed that many vape pens actually contain synthetic cannabis-like drugs often called “spice” or “K2” and other potentially dangerous compounds. So far, products that came from Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia tested positive for the synthetic contamination. Agencies in other states either did not report any positive cases, did not respond, or said they could not release the information unless it was for a criminal investigation. 

“Of the 30 vapes that AP paid to be tested, 10 contained synthetic marijuana,” the report states. “The lab analyzed 28 vapes for CBD and found that eight had no detectable level, while 14 were less than 0.3 percent CBD by weight. The other six ranged between 1.07 percent and 8.87 percent CBD by weight.” While “synthetic marijuana” has nothing to do with actual cannabis, the family of chemicals mimics the effects of cannabis, but with much greater risk.

Some CBD pens being sold barely even contain any CBD. Additionally, information also shows that there were 128 samples that tested positively for the drug out of the 350 tested. This means quite a fair amount contain the harmful additives.

Now that CBD is coming even further to the forefront of mainstream society, more light is being shone on the regulations, or lack thereof, behind the miracle cure. The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on CBD companies for making claims that weren’t backed up by scientific research, and the government is also tasked with finding out how to best regulate the military’s use of CBD. As the landscape changes even further, stricter regulations will be necessary to strengthen legal CBD and cannabis.