Somango #47 Hydrocarbon Concentrate by Mammoth Labs Available wherever: Mammoth Labs products are carried.

It seems like each month we do reviews at CULTURE, Washington State’s cannabis concentrates become higher and higher in quality. Not necessarily in potency, because it’s hard to improve upon numbers like 71.83 percent THC, which this Somango #47 tests at. What continues to improve when it comes to Washington’s concentrates is terpene content, and how that is conveyed into the flavor. This Somango #47 is a perfect example of this. After sampling this hydrocarbon concentrate in a water vaporizer, the CULTURE team was pleasantly surprised by the intense mango flavor. Some team members also noticed a sweet sherbet-like flavor, in perfect complement to the delicious mango. A more pungent, typical cannabis-flavored finish was also evident. The effects of this potent concentrate were immediate and intense, with team members feeling every bit of the high THC percentage. The indica-dominant strain makes this concentrate perfect for settling into the fall weather with some low-key indoor activities, or maybe even a mellow walk in the fall foliage.

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