Sho Cones

Available at Altitude Organic Medicine in Colorado Springs. 

When a regular pre-roll is not enough, get the maximum potency with a Sho Cone. These signature pre-rolls offer the best of both worlds, containing both flower and rosin. They are extremely potent and not for the faint-hearted. Each Sho Cone contains 1.3 grams of flower with 0.2 grams of rosin blended together to perfection. The rosin is made of solventless hash oil. Sho Cones are available in a variety of strains that change with the harvest. Strawberry Fields, for example, is a luscious sativa hybrid, and Grape Ape is a heavy indica that will put you to sleep in no time. When you’re in a rush, but you need to get heavily medicated, a Sho Cone will bring you relief for a variety of ailments in no time.

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