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Satori Chocolates




Available at Wherever Absolute Extract products are carried.

Achievement true, zen enlightenment—at least when it comes to edibles dosing—with these delicious Satori Chocolates from California’s leading producers AbsoluteXtracts. This is one of the award-winning company’s first forays into edibles, and they bring their talent and professionalism to these organic milk chocolate-covered wild strawberries. The goods come in high-quality, paper box packaging with all the medical details, and each chocolate is about 3mg THC, or about one third of a standard dose (20mg)—which is extremely manageable. The edible smells like confectioner’s chocolate with a smooth glaze and a fresh, rich taste. The full Satori line has 16 takes on chocolate bars and chocolate covered fruit. Each batch is lab-tested, making it possible to take the exact dose. Patients use hybrid cannabis infused edibles for long-lasting, body-focused effects that can work on pain, anxiety and insomnia.

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