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The human spirit continually seeks out ways to push the limits on what the mind and body can achieve. From academics to athletes, we all strive to break barriers to see how far we can go. In the athletic world, marathons of all sorts celebrate, showcase and challenge our physical capabilities. While some may choose to set their sights on a traditional marathon to put their endurance to the test, there is one event that even fewer people decide to tackle, the ultramarathon. For those seeking a challenge beyond the 26.2 mile journey of a conventional marathon, the ultramarathon might be the way to go. Often running through rugged landscapes and mountain slopes, the ultrarunners of these ambitious races must dedicate themselves to an abundance of training and preparation.

Like many athletes, ultrarunners often create alliances and partnerships with brands that support their athletic careers and align with their own lifestyle. Cannabis brands have not only sponsored several of these runners, but their products assist in treating the pain and inflammation that often occurs with the intense training of an ultrarunner. By choosing to partner with cannabis companies, ultrarunners break the stigma of cannabis and demonstrate just how beneficial cannabis-derived products can be in an athlete’s career.


Flavie Dokken

Ultrarunner and military veteran, Flavie Dokken, has a long history as an athlete. From running in high school to bodybuilding, she has continually elevated herself to new heights over the years. In 2019 alone she has scheduled three 50-mile ultramarathons. “My goal is to complete more challenging and technical races this year and also a 100-miler possibly next year,” she shared with CULTURE. Along the way she has partnered with Wana Brands, an edibles producer, whose mission is to enhance the lives of its consumers physically, emotionally and creatively.

Being from the Alps, Dokken’s solace for running resides in the mountains. It is also the landscape where most ultramarathons take place. “Ultrarunning is something that always pushes you and make you stronger mentally and resilient,” Dokken expressed. “And of course, it gives you the chance to discover amazing places!”

“Overall, cannabis products are a great tool to add to my training just like I use protein and BCAAs or coffee.”


Over the course of her running career, this wonder woman has also worked in the cannabis industry since 2013. An affiliation with a cannabis company appeared to only be a natural step that would combine two of her greatest interests. Dokken detailed her decision in choosing Wana Brands as a partner and sponsor explaining the importance of breaking the stigma around cannabis and its consumers. “I really liked Wana’s approach, and of course I have been a big fan of their products, so they were already part of my regime. It’s a partnership that makes sense since we’ve always shared the same values, and I was definitely looking for an authentic partnership.”

Dokken first began using cannabis as a part of her training for bodybuilding. Because the intensity of the sport can be harsh on the body, she experienced relief in treating herself with cannabis. Once she joined the U.S. Army, cannabidiol (CBD) oil came to the rescue to manage pain from femur stress fractures. “Overall, cannabis products are a great tool to add to my training just like I use protein and BCAAs or coffee.”

Like other veterans from the military, Dokken turned to cannabis for medical treatment instead of prescription drugs. “When I got back to civilian life, I was looking for a better way to manage the pain and inflammation that still happened after long runs. The army was quick to prescribe pain medication, which I did not want to take. Cannabis became legal, and I got introduced to more products, especially the one containing CBD that could help out.”


Avery Collins

“It’s simple. I love running, and I love cannabis.” The words of Avery Collins ring loud and clear. This ultrarunner does not hesitate to emphasize the benefits cannabis has brought to his life and the potential it has to improve the lives of others.

Collins has not only served as a spokesperson for 420 Games, he has also been sponsored by Incredibles Infused Products, Mary’s Medicinals, Roll Uh Bowl and Weedmaps.

Just a quick glance at his Instagram profile will show his love for the outdoors. His photos showcase his active lifestyle, from skiing in the snow to running through the mountains. The ultrarunner also highlights several of his runs on his own YouTube channel that has documented his journey for the last two years.

“It’s simple. I love running, and I love cannabis.”


“I enjoy big mountain races from 50 [kilometers] to 200 miles in distance,” Collins shares on his website. “I have ran and finished first at every distance from 50 [kilometers] to 200 miles and also setting course records in almost all of these distances as well.”

Collins has participated in ultramarathons located in the Black Mountains of western North Carolina, the North Georgia Mountains, Steamboat Springs, Colorado and more! “I do what I do because I can’t imagine a life without adventure, a life without pain and fatigue or something to look forward to every day.”

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