Royal OG x Green Crack Trim Run by Punch Extracts

Available at Highway 99 in Bakersfield.

Roll out the red carpet and sound the alarms—the royal family has arrived! Royal OG’s lineage is known for its indica-heavy side effects, leaving consumers blissfully dazed, couch-locked, and in need of a taco truck right outside of their living room. Now, thanks to Highway 99 in Bakersfield, we get to experience this extremely sedative indica phenotype with an added mental boost from one of the most sought after sativas available today, Green Crack. Anyone searching for euphoric effects while still maintaining a sharp mental focus knows that there are very few strains that can match Green Crack’s ability to relax and relieve while still getting things done. Pair that with the potency of a quality-made dab, and you’ll understand why we love this product by Punch Extracts.

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