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Recreational Cannabis May Be Headed for Ballot in Arizona




Residents in Arizona are currently attempting to put recreational cannabis on the ballot in the state. There are currently three different ballot measures in process that could lead to voting on a measure this year.

According to Fox 10, a potential ballot initiative in the state is being backed by a committee called Smart and Safe Arizona. If passed, this measure would allow people aged 21 or older to possess, transfer, cultivate and consume cannabis in the state. It would also impose a tax on cannabis at a 16 percent rate. “Right now, certainly, it is expected to have enough signatures,” said Marcus Dell’Artino with First Strategic Public Relations. “They may meet some challenges during that process to submit those signatures. An opposition campaign may form some of the signatures.”

Supporters are predicting that there will definitely be enough signatures to make it onto the ballot. “They passed 100,000 signatures at the end of December, and we have until June to turn into 237,000. I am expecting 400,000,” said Mikel Weisser, the State Director with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Those who support putting recreational cannabis on the ballot will need to gather enough signatures before their initiative makes it to the ballot, so it’s not a sure thing yet. Voters will also need to approve the measure if it does make it to the ballot.

Still, there is plenty of time to gather votes, as the deadline for filing is listed as July 2, 2020 for all potential ballot measures. Local campaigns have been working on an initiative for some time now and the state has also been expanding the medical cannabis program. With three different ballot initiatives in the running, this may be the year one legal cannabis plan makes it onto the ballot.