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Paulo Lacerda Sobral – Profile in Courage




Patient name: Paulo Lacerda Sobral
Age: 35
Condition/Illness: ADD

Using Medical Cannabis Since: 2013

Why did you start using cannabis?

I got curious about cannabis when I was 31 and watched a documentary about psychedelics. At the time I was just diagnosed with adult ADD and got into meditation. Cannabis made me more aware of my body and mind and actually helped me focus. An added benefit I didn’t anticipate was that it made for an excellent pre-workout. When I work out high, I’m completely focused and more aware of my individual muscles and joints. When I play basketball high, I feel like the defenders are in slow motion, and I’m operating in a flow state. The day after grueling workouts I go to CBD, and I can walk with little discomfort.

Did you try other methods or treatments before cannabis?

I put my health above anything, and other methods and treatments might cure a certain symptom, but then cause 10 other negative side effects. Even when I would have surgeries or sports injuries, I refused opiates and other painkillers. The main side effects I could find with moderate cannabis use is that some strains cause some people to feel sleepy.

What’s the most important issue or problem facing medical cannabis patients?

Stigmas which lead to shame—my fiancé’s mother just passed away from cancer, and her pharmacist told her that medical marijuana was bad for her health. Our government has really done its citizens a disservice by not sharing medical research on the benefits of cannabis. I now work in sales for Bloom Farms, a cannabis startup in California. I hope by being open about my cannabis use and showing that I’m an active, professional member of society, I get more people curious about cannabis.

What do you say to those who are skeptical about cannabis as medicine?

“Medicine” is a loose term. Almost anyone can agree that stress causes excess cortisol in our bodies, which has many devastating effects on your general health. If you do nothing else but smoke a joint after a long day of work, you’re getting medicinal benefits. Sleep deprivation is also a thing many of us suffer from, and nothing is better for effective sleep than a tincture or edible. I feel if cannabis was discovered today it would be front page news as a miracle cure tomorrow morning. You owe it to yourself to try it!

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