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Pro Canna Zine Grape and Tropical Elixir





Available at various collectives throughout Southern California.

An elixir is a magical or medicinal potion with the mythological power to prolong life indefinitely. It is unlikely that Pro Canna Zine’s grape and tropical elixir will live up to that billing, but with 100mg THC in every bottle, it will most definitely provide an enjoyable uplift to your life and motivate your spirit. Available at multiple collectives throughout Southern California, Pro Canna Zine elixirs are meant to be diluted with 8 to 16 ounces of your favorite beverage, depending on the flavor strength and potency you are seeking. The small bottle is perfect for transporting in your pocket or purse and then discretely added to a beverage without anyone being the wiser. With a sweet and savory essence and just a hint of cannabis taste, Pro Canna Zines elixirs delivers a refreshing beverage with a punch.

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