Presidential Candidate Ben Gleib Smoked Cannabis with Doug Benson

Comedian and presidential candidate Ben Gleib joined fellow comedian Doug Benson on his live YouTube show, “Getting Doug With High,” according to a recent announcement. The show aired live on Sept. 10, and it can be viewed on both Doug Benson’s YouTube channel or on Gleib’s channel in the following days.

The comedian is a familiar face, as he has appeared on Benson’s show multiple times before in the past. Doug Benson’s comedy routine centered around cannabis early on in his career, and his show title “Getting High With Doug” sums up his continual support for the plant and the reform that is needed at the federal level.

According to Gleib, no other presidential candidate has publicly smoked cannabis during election season. Gleib is an outspoken proponent of both medical and recreational cannabis.

In his announcement, Gleib explained why the time is right for a comedian president. “All these candidates’ promises mean nothing if we lose again in 2020, Gleib’s website states. “Cautious career politicians won’t get it done. To beat the biggest heckler in political history, we need a comedian.”

Gleib received a surge in popularity last month following speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire, according to a press release. According to recent FEC filings, he currently ranks at number 20 among Democratic candidates, not including those who have dropped out of the race.

Gleib joins several other candidates in seeking to fully legalize cannabis. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttiegieg and several others said they would legalize cannabis, as well as Bill Weld and Joe Walsh on the Republican side. Several others offer varying degrees of decriminalization at the federal level.




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