Israeli Pharmaceutical Company Developing a Cannabis Inhaler

PharmaceuticalTeva, a pharmaceutical company in Israel, has developed a cannabis inhaler that allows users to control the exact amount of cannabis they consume for medical use.

Teva, which is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, has partnered with Tel-Aviv-based Syqu Medical to manufacture and distribute the product. The inhaler has the ability to be loaded with personalized cartridges, giving doctors and patients the ability to tailor the exact amount of medicine needed.  The device can also be controlled remotely by a physician through an automated dosing feature.

“Thanks to the Syqe inhaler, we are effectively moving from cannabis use to cannabis treatment. For doctors, the inhaler solves the problem of prescribing plants for smoking, and offers a solution for patients in that, for the first time, they will be able to receive a precise dose of medical cannabis,” said Dr. Eytan Hyam, Syqe Medical chairman.

The inhaler is designed to provide the perfect dose for relief pain, while minimizing the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

“This device gives us physicians the confidence to prescribe cannabis in the same way as we prescribe other drugs today,” said Seth Kindler M.D., the company’s chief science officer.

The partnership allows the Syqu produced inhaler to be distributed by Teva to clinics and hospitals in Israel. They are hoping to have the unit approved for home use by the Israeli Health Ministry by next year.

Cannabis is permitted in Israel for medical use with special permission from the Israeli Health Ministry. According to Teva and Syqe, the ministry has approved 26,000 patients to date, and are estimating that the number will double by 2018.

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