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Oregon Dispensaries Now Offer Curbside Pickup



Last week, Oregon officials announced that curbside alcohol delivery would be allowed under the state’s new quarantine rules. Now, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) announced they are allowing dispensaries to offer curbside pickup.

According to Portland Mercury in a press release dated March 22, the OLCC stated, “Today the Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved a temporary rule that supports social distancing to promote prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus by allowing licensed marijuana retailers to conduct limited transactions outside their licensed premises. The action will permit retail licensees to take orders and deliver product from the retail store to a person who is outside of the store and within 150 feet of the retailer’s licensed premises.”

This temporary rule also allows medical cannabis patients to purchase up to 24 ounces per day, not to exceed 32 ounces in a single month. This decision shows that dispensaries are essential businesses in Oregon during the crisis. Oregon joins many other states and cities that have also made the decision to keep cannabis businesses open, not only giving residents access to medicine they might need, but also continuing to bring money into the state.

OLCC’s press release also states that cannabis sales have risen in Oregon because of the crisis, with a 25 to 30 percent increase in sales between March 1-18, compared to data from March 2019. However, authorities are calling all businesses and patients to work together and make sure things continue to work smoothly. “We’re asking our retailers to make sure to work with the community and local officials so that this can happen in a safe and non-obstructive way to city services, otherwise we’ll need to make changes,” said Steve Marks, OLCC executive director.

Despite the fact that March has been a turbulent time for the entire country, Oregon advocates have still shown pushed for drug reform. In mid-March, the Oregon Psilocybin Society collected enough signatures for an initiative to legalize psilocybin mushrooms. This month, The Drug Policy Alliance has also been collecting signatures to decriminalize all drugs in the state of Oregon.

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