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Oregon Cannabis Regulators Ban Cannabis Vape Additives



In an effort to prevent another health crisis due to vape-related lung injuries, Oregon cannabis regulators have banned a handful of additives that can potentially harm users of cannabis vapes. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) also adopted new regulations that require vape companies to disclose more detailed information about what is in their products to the public.

Oregon has taken the most aggressive steps in attempting to regulate the vape industry and other states could soon follow. The OLCC’s new ruling follows an investigation into the non-cannabis additives found in vape products, including vitamin E acetate, which was found to be one of the major causes of vape-related illnesses.

The agency has banned squalene, squalane, vitamin E acetate, propylene glycerol and various triglycerides. Propylene glycerol is still allowed in metered-dose inhalers. Squalene is a terpene from animals—primarily shark livers—as well as olives, amaranth and sugar cane. Squalane is a hydrogenated version of squalene. Both are popular in cosmetics because of its moisturizing properties.

The OLCC previously announced a recall on vape products containing squalene and squalane after the investigation found the two ingredients were linked with vitamin E acetate and lung damage.

“OLCC recently commissioned a study that determined that when exposed to heat, squalene and squalane produce harmful chemicals. It has also been documented that inhaling squalene has been associated with exogenous lipoid pneumonia. Initial evidence about these additives also suggests a potential for consumer harm similar to that already proven about Vitamin E Acetate,” the OLCC said in a statement.

The OLCC is giving vape manufacturers until April 2021 to comply with the new regulations and will have until July 1, 2021 to sell or distribute any products made before April 2021. After July 1, all vape products must be in compliance with the new regulations or else they have to be destroyed.

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