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OG Jack Clear





Available at Doctor’s Orders in Sacramento.

Sacramento’s Doctor’s Orders caters to the “clear” crowd with this OG Jack Clear from extract-makers, Dab Face. “Clear” cannabis extracts have surged in popularity in the last few years. They’re often translucent, very sticky, oils that can be very pure and potent. Clears are often made through a process of filtered steam distillation to remove impurities, and perhaps winterization to take out plant waxes. All that’s left is a tiny, ultra-potent ultra-gooey sap. Sometimes, pure terpenes are added back to the clear. Our OG Jack Clear had amazing clarity, consistency and large, citrus lemon aroma. Dabs of OG Jack Clear vape ultra-fine, light and potent, with citrus notes and hybrid effects multiple times as powerful as raw flowers. Patients dab high-THC extracts to manage very, very severe conditions including spinal cord injury pain and spasms, and addictions to opioids or other hard drugs.

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