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October Product Reviews

I-Tal Hemp Wick

Sometimes the better things in life are the simplest and most natural. Take the I-Tal Hemp Wick: a mere length of organic hemp twine satu




I-Tal Hemp Wick

Sometimes the better things in life are the simplest and most natural. Take the I-Tal Hemp Wick: a mere length of organic hemp twine saturated with organic beeswax for lighting joints or pipes without all that nasty butane or sulfur. Based on a centuries-old Rastafarian tradition still practiced on the islands and around the world, the hemp wick is simplicity itself. Just light the end of the wick, adjust the flame by tilting the adjustable twine up or down, and use it to fire up whatever medicinal herb you happen to have on hand.

You might ask: Why not simply use a lighter? Well, for several reasons:  Studies have found that long-term inhalation of butane and sulfur can damage the spinal cord, brain and other organs. Beeswax-coated wicks are waterproof—lighters and matches usually aren’t. And, there’s another reason: There’s something rather cool about lighting your fire the same way Jamaicans did in the 18th century.

I-Tal (From a Rastafarian term for natural, pure and clean) Hemp Wicks have a suggested retail price of $1.25 for the small size and $3.99 for the large. Find them in better smoke shops everywhere.


Lollipipe Candy Edible Pipe

This sweet item by Kzee Novelty Products may well be the oddest way to get a case of munchies and satisfy one at the same time. A fully working, fully edible candy smoking device, the Lollipipe comes in a variety of colors and flavors—including blueberry, grape, green apple, peach, strawberry and watermelon. Each package contains a pipe, a resealable storage sleeve and a plastic tube that you insert into the business end to keep the candy from getting wet (and to further that lollipop look).

Despite its questionable nutritional value and edibility appeal after repeated use, the Lollipipe is popping up at smoke shops everywhere. Perhaps that’s because of its psychedelic packaging and high novelty value—or maybe because of the way the devices sweeten the taste of any smoke that passes through it. Whatever the reason, it’s the perfect gift for fans of both cannabis and corn syrup-based confections.


K.O.W. Cigar Pipes

No doubt about it: These cigar-shaped ceramic pipes add a sorely needed aura of sophistication to the smoking experience. It helps that L.A.-based K.O.W. goes that extra mile to ensure each pipe actually does what it’s intended to do, which is to allow its owner to walk down the street smoking medicine while the rest of the world thinks he’s smoking a cigar. But what really makes this product so elegant is that it’s genuinely elegant. The pipes are handmade and reflect an impressive level of artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail. No two K.O.W. Cigar Pipes are alike.

The pipes come in three sizes, from large (“Il Padrino”) to medium (“Il Capo”) to small (“Il Soldato”). Uniquely designed, handcrafted wooden “cigar” boxes (“Il Cabina”) are also available. For more information and pricing (these babies aren’t cheap), check out the website at


Space Case Grinder Sifter

If imitation is the best flattery, the folks at 1 Source Products in Orange County must be feeling mighty swell-headed indeed. Since they started manufacturing this 4-piece, high-grade aluminum grinder, poorer knockoffs keep cropping up. Don’t be fooled:  If you want to avoid a crappy, Chinese-made version (complete with aluminum shavings in the box), ask for the original by name and look for the Space Case logo.

Everything about the Space Case Grinder Sifter spells high quality, from the super-magnetized lid to the fine-mesh sifting screen to the twin catch compartments. Its durable, razor-sharp teeth have the ability to quickly prep the densest herbs.

Aluminum grinders (like the one pictured here) range in price from $80 to $110. Titanium varieties range from $90 to $120. For more information or to order, call (949)515-9622.