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Mothers’ Day Gift Guide: Musts For Pampering Mom



Mothers’ Day is approaching, and whether or not the mom in your life is a regular cannabis user, lightly dabbles or never entertains our favorite plant, there are abundant gifts to show your appreciation, perfectly suited for whomever you are shopping for.

If you are planning to head to a head shop or dispensary, or maybe just plan to shop online for mom, we gathered a few ideas to help you get started. Most of these items are fairly affordable, medicated or non-medicated, so if you’re feeling wild, go all out and do some mixing and matching to truly make mom’s day.

Bath Time and Skin-Care Central

With modern-day cannabis products, pretty much every product for the bath is available with a cannabis-infused option. Depending on where you go, you can find different ratios of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)—so if mom is looking for a relaxing night or maybe just some assistance with aches, pains or sleeping, you will be able to find exactly what she’s after.

Some common bathtime products that can typically be found medicated or non-medicated include bath bombs, bath wash and soaps. You can even find shampoos and conditioners infused with CBD to help with hair health.

To further maximize on the home pampering, consider amping up the package with some skincare essentials that will really act as a cherry on top. Face masks, scrubs and topicals for the skin are a good place to start, and most of this can also be found cannabis-infused to some degree, depending on the specific benefits you are seeking. Bonus points if you arrange everything together in a reusable basket or tote that matches mom’s style. 

Amazing Aromas and Sweet Scents

It’s important for anyone to feel at home and comfortable in their space, and nothing helps that more, especially for mom, than a solid aroma. A fragrant candle or two is always a sure bet, and depending on your time crunch, you will typically be able to source something unique locally.

As an alternative, mom might like an oil diffuser, typically coming with a variety of essential oils and a flame-free alternative to facilitate a little scent-specific sweet spot within the home, and she can use specific oils for catered to specific, desired effects.

Massage for Mom

There are a few options here. It’s almost a guarantee that a gift card for a spa day or a professional massage will thrill most mothers: This way they can pick a day that’s best for them to get some nice pampering and much-needed time to themselves. 

If you are the significant other of a mother looking to customize the experience, you could also get your own oils, which usually can also be found medicated. This sensual, at-home experience will really have the mother of your children feeling extra loved. 

Floral Fun

“Flower” carries a double meaning here! 

The gesture of giving flowers is timeless and always appreciated. Go a step further and customize the bouquet with specifics just for her, whether it’s tailored treats (medicated or non-medicated), or even a little cannabis flower of your own.

If the mom in your life likes to smoke, consider fancying up the flower selection with some special cannabis offerings. You might even consider getting special papers or blunt wraps to pack or roll something truly custom, just for her. Many head shops carry rose petal cones and papers, or even pink papers or another unique selection for some special, hand-rolled joints is the perfect route.

If mom isn’t too into the psychoactive effects of THC, many dispensaries have reliable CBD options and disposable vapes to help soothe moms’ nerves without the feeling of being “high” that other, heftier THC strains may usher in.