Mother Humboldt Balm

Available wherever Mother Humboldt products are carried.

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis is what makes it such an effective and safe pain reliever. Although most people consume cannabis either by smoking or as an edible to treat pain, one of the most overlooked yet effective methods is as a balm or oil. A sterling example is Mother Humboldt’s 100 percent organic cannabis balm. Utilizing a patented formulation designed for rapid absorption and deep penetration, Mother Humboldt’s formulation works with the body’s own pain relieving properties providing pain relief within five to 10 minutes of application. It has a very pleasant aroma—not flowery—more of fragrant cross between a citrus orchard and a fern glen. The pain relieving properties slowly dissipate over about three to four hours but is quickly restored with another application. Although made for pain relief, Mother Humboldt’s balm is perfect for a relaxing yet stimulating sensual and erotic massage.

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