Missouri Legalizes Medical Cannabis

On Nov. 6, Missouri voters approved medical cannabis, making Missouri the latest state to legalize medical cannabis and establish a regulatory system. One of state’s three cannabis-related measures on the ballot made the cut and was approved.

Missouri’s Constitution has just been updated to allow medical cannabis for qualified patients in the state. On Tuesday, Missouri Amendment 2, Medical Marijuana and Veterans Healthcare Services Initiative, passed by a 66 percent vote in favor, leaving only 34 percent of voters opposing the amendment.

Qualifying patients in the state will be able to receive a doctor’s recommendation to obtain a medical cannabis card. Contrary to many other medical cannabis programs, there are no specific conditions in which qualify a patient for cannabis. Instead, the decision is left up to the doctor’s recommendation. Patients will be able to start submitting applications for a medical cannabis recommendation by no later than June 4, 2019. Patients and their caregivers in Missouri will be able to cultivate up to six cannabis plants at home, or they can opt to purchase their own cannabis from a licensed dispensary, with a limit of four ounces of cannabis purchased within a one-month period. Patients can also store up to eight ounces at home. Caregivers can cultivate up to 18 plants.

Additionally, state regulators will distribute licenses for medical cannabis businesses including dispensaries, and facilities for cultivation, testing and manufacturing. Medical cannabis sales will face a four percent tax, which will be used toward healthcare services for veterans.

Two other cannabis-related measures on the state ballot, Amendment 3 and Proposition C, were defeated. The bill outlines that the state Department of Health and Senior Services must begin accepting applications for qualifying patients within 180 days after Dec. 6, or June 4, 2019 at the latest. Dispensary applications will be accepted no later than Aug. 3, 2019.


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