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Martha Stewart Reveals Details of Her CBD Product Line




Whether you’re a fan of cooking shows or you just follow celebrity gossip, Martha Stewart is a household name. Now, she’s solidifying her prominence even more by branching out into the realm of cannabis. Stewart recently appeared at the World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on June 18 to speak about her role in the cannabis industry.

Stewart originally announced in February that she would be advising Canopy Growth Corp. to develop cannabis-related products for pet care, cosmetics and food. She attended the World Cannabis Congress, a conference organized by Civilized., to elaborate in detail on what those products will entail. “We’re working in animal care; we’re working in cosmetics, body care,” she said. “I’ve been experimenting a little bit with some of the good products that are available now; I find them very useful and really good for your skin, and I think the anti-inflammatory qualities of some of them are very good.”

She’s even considering utilize her decades of recipes to be envisioned with cannabidiol (CBD) in mind. “We have so many recipes,” she added. “Martha Stewart Living has 30,000 or 35,000 original recipes, and those can be adapted with cannabis or CBD or whatever we’re going to use. It was such an enlightening thing for me to be able to enter into another new industry.” She also stated that she has given CBD to several of her dogs, and feels excited and hopeful about the healing qualities it can have for pets.

Stewart wrapped up by claiming that she has a great plan for driving the cannabis industry forward, and that is to “Make the best product at the best price and distribute it as widely as possible.”

Cannabis enthusiasts have been keeping an eye on Stewart ever since she hosted a potluck dinner party with Snoop Dogg. It seems as though she is wholeheartedly embracing her plans to live up to her reputation as the “grandmother of cannabis.”