Make Sure Your 710 is LIT

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You never really need an excuse to throw a party, but today concentrate consumers everywhere will be celebrating the second most popular holiday in the cannabis community. Unlike 420 where strains tends to reign supreme, 710 focuses on concentrates such as oils and waxes. Because of the potency of these products, it’s important to prepare yourself and party-goers in the case that they overconsume. If you’re hosting a 710 party, here’s the essentials you should make sure you have on hand!

Hydration is Key

No exaggeration—making sure that you and your party-goers are well-hydrated is one of the most important things to prepare for in advance. You might be tempted to consumer a lot of concentrates, many of which are potent and may limit mobility. Make water easy to obtain and have it readily available. Buy a case or two of bottled water, or set up a glass water dispenser with cups nearby.

Embrace Your Sweet Tooth

Whether you’re a baker or just sweet treat purchasing extraordinaire, sugar also has an amazing effect on concentrate enthusiasts. For those who might have consumed too much, sugar could help reinvigorate their senses and bring them out of their overly concentrated funk. Have a platter of cookies, cupcakes, cake, donuts or other preferable sweets at hand.

Have CBD at Hand

CBD’s benefits are widely known, and having some easily consumable CBD nearby can help to improve your concentrate experience. Available in various forms such as pills or tinctures, a small dose of CBD can vastly alter your experience and help combat psychoactive effects.

Provide Distractions

Not only will distractions assist in recovering a concentrate consumer who may have ingested too much, but it also adds a bit of fun to the experience, too. You can’t go wrong with having a good selection of classic movies at hands to watch for hours on end. Additionally, have a few video games on hand too if you have a console or decent PC. (Just make sure that you update everything ahead of time, or you may end up wasting a lot of time sitting as an update screen.)

Set Up a Nap Station

Concentrates affect consumers in many different ways, but inducing sleep is a quality that many forms of cannabis can bring. Set up a designated area, whether it’s a spare bedroom, extra couch or a cot. Have a few blankets and pillows on hand as well, to make the experience extra comfy.

Designate a Driver

A 710 party is often an all-day get-together, but when it’s time to head back home, make sure that you have your exit buddy. This will ensure that you and everyone else on the road is safe and free from harm due to the dangers of driving under the influence.

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